PURE Treat Card Loyalty Program

Discover our brand new loyalty scheme

Our Treats Card helps you get the most out of PURE Spa & Beauty. We love to show how thankful we are to you, our loyal clients, and wanted to give something back. We have curated a brand new loyalty scheme to ensure you can maximise your rewards and get the most from us.

Where do I get my Treat Card?

It couldn't be easier to join our loyalty scheme and start saving up points- simply book an appointment to activate your membership!

When you first join us as a client, we’ll give you your PURE Treats Card. It’s the little black dress of loyalty cards; a small, key-ring friendly card that’s your ticket to free treatments!

What do I get?

  • 4 points per pound on treatments
  • Double points on next treatment when you re-book
  • 100 points when you join
  • Exclusive email offers

Book an appointment today to activate your membership and start saving points!

How and when do I redeem them?

We keep track of what you’ve earned and will periodically offer you treats that can ‘spice up’ your spa and beauty life. You don’t have to say ‘yes’ straight away — you can use it as an add-on to your current booking or reserve your place another time!

Can they be used to discount products?

Points cannot be used to gain a partial discount on our treatments. Our receptionists will prompt you when you have enough for a free treatment!

Please note: You can only redeem one ‘free’ treatment per visit (i.e. if you have 700 points, you cannot book in for a PURE manicure and PURE massage at the same time for free).

*Subject to change.