Staff Benefits & Rewards

Looking to reward your staff? Perhaps you have a high absence level
that needs resolved? Or maybe you’re looking for added incentives
to your own services? Look no further...

As a member of Club PURE for business, enjoy...

  • Corporate discounts: 10% off vouchers
  • Staff discounts: 25% off first treatment, 10% thereafter
  • Online discounts: 10% off everything with company code
  • Exclusive events: tailored to your business 

At PURE Spa & Beauty, our expert knowledge on stress management and well-being can benefit any team, turning personal well-being into professional success.

Providing business solutions

The largest reported cause of employee absence is backache, costing the average company £600 per employee per year. Absence causes British businesses over £32bn a year, based on salary alone. What does it cost you?

When 66% of absences relate to short-term sickness (flu, headaches, pain), ensuring your staff are looked after and de-stressed is a priority. And we're here to help!

Rewarding staff 

Your choice of incentive as a company says a lot about how you value your staff and their contribution.  If you get it wrong, the investment may be wasted - or worse, offend. We specialise in providing excellent staff incentive schemes with great returns on investment for both company and staff member.

Thank customers, attract more

Browse our case studies to see how we've helped our existing members of Club PURE for business. Whether you'd like to add a voucher incentive on 'that big sale' or simply thank that loyal customer, a PURE gift voucher is sure to add a little TLC to even the hardest-selling businesses.